How to Become a 10 Out of 10

Swiping isn’t just for Tinder anymore. Mobile device owners are getting swipe happy in their inbox too. The truth is that if your email isn’t an absolute stunner, it’s not going to make a great first impression. And that means it might get the dreaded swipe left. Turn the other way and be matched with your reader as your first step on your way to a lifetime of happiness.

It would be nice to think looks don’t matter, but they do. And here’s proof. Studies indicate that visually stunning emails get noticed 650% more. 650%?! Well what are we waiting for? If you want to stop readers in their tracks, here’s a quick guide on how you can become a true 10 out of 10.

1. Be a looker to hook them in.

With lots of fish in the sea, you’ve got to be quite the catch. Let’s face it. To get noticed it helps if you’re ridiculously good looking. So how does this philosophy apply to your inbox? Hint: It’s exactly the same. You can blow their minds with stunning emails that they simply can’t take their eyes off. Go on. Unleash your inner swan and be so good looking it hurts.


2. Let your personality shine.

All beauty and no brains might get you a date, but it’s probably not going to last. Once you’ve reeled them in with your incredible looks, you’ve got to dazzle them with your gorgeous personality. In the world of email, this is the time to really show your readers what you’re made of. When it comes to dating, err I mean email marketing, it helps to remember to bring your A-game. Although you’re speaking to a group of people, the best trick is to think of how you can make each person feel like you’re talking just to him or her. Spice up your reader’s inbox and get really personal with each message.

Chris Pack your Bags


3. Seal the deal.

Because a great catch like you isn’t going to wait around forever, let’s give readers a reason to act now. Try giving them a gentle nudge that will compel them to take the plunge. Have you thought about instilling a sense of urgency to transform passive readers into excited new customers? Countdown timers are a great way to help people spring into action because it’s now or never. Since no one wants to miss out on a sweet deal, use it to your advantage and watch the results pour in.


Use these tips to lead with your best foot forward and watch how fast they put a ring on it.


Now you know the secret formula to drawing in an audience and being simply irresistible. Go on you little heart breaker. Get out there and make it happen!

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Melati Kamaruddin
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The 4 Deadly Sins of Email Marketing

Adele - Hello_1

So, you have created a kick a$$ email campaign and your boss is going to love you for it. You think to yourself, “Brad, you beautiful genius, you’ve done it again!” After the sun rises the next day, your mood changes quickly as your open rates flatline at a measly 5%. Like some cruel joke, the campaign was an epic fail.

What went wrong? It all started so well, but somewhere, somehow it all derailed. As email marketing junkies, we know that sometimes bad things can happen to good campaigns. And since you’ve always been there for us, we’re happy to help you avoid getting fired. You can make sure your next campaign doesn’t crash and burn by avoiding these 4 deadly email sins.

1.  Sending to purchased lists

Repeat after me: I solemnly swear by the power invested me by the Email Gods, that I will, never ever buy a purchased list. See? That was so easy. Now, honor your vow because not only is it a huge waste of money, but it’s going to get you blacklisted. Plus think about the poor souls on that purchased list who really don’t want to hear from you. Do the right thing. Go on. #RIPpurchasedlists.   

2. You lied in your subject line

We all love to be winners. So who wouldn’t open an email titled, “You’ve won a prize!”? But are you really giving away something prize-worthy or will readers be disappointed and feel cheated? Don’t be that person. Be authentic and honest.

Spam Subject Lines

3. Your email is a snooze-fest

Rihanna said it best. Make your email ‘shine bright like a diamond’. When I see text heavy, plain emails, I die a little inside. And I bet you do too. Life is too short to be boring. Find your voice and use your personality. Think visually to add some oomph with sexy videos, funny GIFs or breath-taking images to stop your readers in their tracks. Check out our impressive email templates for a dose of inspiration.

4. Trying to be all things to all people

Ok you’ve got me. I suffer from serious FOMO. I want to be liked just as much as you do. But that often leads people down scary tracks. In the pursuit of appealing to everyone, people become generic, forgettable and boring. Stop worrying about the customers you’ll lose and just be yourself. Get to know your target audience like your BFF and you’ll be able to write to them in a way that makes them fall-in-love with you over and over again.

The moral of the story: If you want attention, you need to earn it. Talk like a human to other humans you know really well and make real connections, build a cult-like following and watch your business grow. When it comes to email marketing, reach for the stars – your customers are worth it.



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6 Tips to Making Emails People Want


Getting people to read your emails is easy, right? Sure it is. All you have to do is write some truly amazing content… If only it was that simple!

Opens are awesome. Who doesn’t want more? But that’s only half the battle. How can you convince them to keep reading? With only a few seconds to avoid the dreaded swipe into the bin, you’ve got to bring your A-game.

Ok so what’s the recipe for the perfect A-game? Well there’s no secret formula for success, but thankfully we’ve spent a lifetime studying what works and figuring out why. Turns out there’s a really good reason we open emails from friends and family first. It’s human nature to pick the people you trust. It all comes down to relationships.

As a marketer, our ability to cut through the clutter comes down to how well we can build rapport with our audience. Here are 6 practical tips you can use right away.

1. Write the right stuff

Content really is king. Sharing the right content at the right time and with the right person is where the magic happens. To make content people really want, you need to really get to know your readers. What makes them tick? What keeps them up at night? What are their interests in life? Figure this out and you’ll master the art of sending ultra-relevant, seductive content.

A customer profile helps understand who you're writing for.

Meet Liam, a typical Vision6 customer.


2. Don’t just sell

Ok, you caught us. We use email marketing to grow our business. For most, that means selling more stuff. But here’s the rub. People hate being sold to. Try switching it up and putting them first. Ask yourself how you can deliver value and build that human connection. Be entertaining and helpful. After all, isn’t that what being a friend is all about?

3. Don’t be a liar

Trust is a fragile thing. Once broken, it can be irreparable. Set clear expectations when they join your list about frequency and value. Then deliver. Subject lines are a great place to set the right expectations since 64% open an email simply because of the subject line. Sure getting more opens is great, but not by tricking your readers. That’s a surefire way to hit the blacklist fast.

No-one believes this.

Are you as excited as me?


4. Deliver unexpected value

Your audience is time poor. And if you’re lucky, they’ve chosen to give a few precious seconds of their time. Make it count and deliver the unexpected. Have you ever received bonus content by subscribing? Sneak previews? Special access? Or how about a welcome discount? Delight readers with an unexpected surprise and you’ll transform them into raving fans.

Free stuff people can use is always a winner.

Who doesn’t like free stuff ?

5. Respect their time

Struggling to write high-value content that will wow your readers? It’s ok. It happens to the best of us. But whatever you do, don’t just send out the B-grade stuff simply because you said you would send something. Cast your net a bit wider and see which cool cats are writing content your audience will love and curate it.

6. Pick the right ‘from address’

Who are your readers expecting to hear from? Is it sally@companyxyz.com or is it simply Company XYZ? Or should it be the cool name you picked for your blog? No matter what you choose, be consistent. Nobody likes to be confused so choose carefully and stick with it to build a beautiful future together.


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Melati Kamaruddin
Marketing Specialist

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