Turn your promotional calendar into cash with creative email marketing

Ride the promotional wave all year long and grow your business in 2017 with the best dates, events and marketing ideas.

The 2016 holiday season is officially a wrap. And as consumers, we outdid ourselves once again! We hit it hard last year and reached for our wallets over and over. Holiday sales are up 4.7% over last year - First Data SpendTrend

A flurry of persuasive promotions had us spending in overdrive. We clearly felt the magic in our fingertips with the inbox driving a whopping 19.9% of those sales.

But now that Boxing Day sales are officially over, it’s time to pause for a moment. Or is it?

Clever marketers look at a calendar and instantly know how to spot the dollar signs. How do they do that? It’s easier than you realize. By tapping into popular events, seasons and holidays, you too can find new ways to maximize revenue.

Eye on the Prize. The first step is keeping an eye out for the money-makers. You know the usual suspects. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Black Friday. So we’re here to help you turn your calendar into a fat bank account. To help you get started, we’ve made this handy cheat sheet with the dates you need to remember and some ideas to make them count.


Download the content calendar

Pro tip #1: It can also be fun to tie campaigns to popular causes and charitable events like Movember. Get creative. Think about what interests your customers… big and small, national and local. Then make it rain.

The Right Timing. As they say, timing is everything. Running effective promotions is about finding the best time to get started on your special email campaign. While there’s no magic formula, it often comes down to a combination of your promotion, your customer and the holiday itself.

As a rule of thumb, start planning your promotion at least 30 days in advance. Get even earlier if you want to plan an email series to really drive results. And be sure to ramp up email communications as you’re getting closer to the date.

38% of shoppers purchase 7 days before a holiday. - National Retail Federation According to the National Retail Federation, 38% of shoppers purchase 7 days before a holiday. And 12% are last-minute shoppers waiting until the last 48 hours. So be sure to reach everyone by sending more than just one email. Toss in a little free shipping to give browsers a gentle nudge into retail bliss.

Pro tip #2: Go the distance. A post-holiday email marketing program is a great way to extend the action long after the day has gone. Consider driving repeat sales with special offers to accelerate their next purchase.


A young boy dressed as a businessman raises his arm in success as his homemade box car is in first place. Both boys are wearing helmets and goggles.

While promotional content will vary, the tactics that work for your audience will generally be the same. Consider mobile-friendly designs, experimenting with personalized subject lines and including relevant product recommendations. Don’t forget to check your email reports to see what’s worked in the past. And conduct A/B tests on key elements like subject lines and call-to-actions to ensure your promotional campaigns are ready to really boost your business.

Pro tip #3: The holidays are a great time to get more creative and add some personality. Don’t be afraid to experiment with interactive elements and other creative ways to make your holiday emails pop and watch the numbers roll in.

Plan ahead. It turns out being prepared is not just for the Girl Scouts after all. Make the most of this year by giving yourself lots of time. It’s never too early to look for inspiration. A great way to kickstart your creative juices is by finding the perfect template.

At Vision6, we offer an impressive collection of creative email templates to suit any season or holiday. They are all mobile-friendly and you can customize them with your own brand. And unlike most things in life, they’re absolutely free! Pick your free template now and start planning your promotional calendar.


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3 Ways to Go Long After the Super Bowl


Marketing is in a frenzy leading up to the Super Bowl. So how can you keep the momentum going?

Holidays and events are huge cash cows. Together the Super Bowl, Valentine’s Day and Black Friday generate billions of dollars in revenue. Smart marketers plan creative email marketing campaigns that delight their customers.

But what do you do when the hype is over? How do you fan the flames and keep interest high long after the special has gone by? Here are three tips to help you stay strong all year long.


LinkedIn Superbowl


1) Learn from your data 

Super Bowl email campaigns give you lots of useful data. Make sure you use it! Analyze how they performed and look for some trends.

What content did they like the most? Which emails had better open rates and when? What links did they click? Did email subscribers interact with you via other channels such as social media?

More often than not, your Super Bowl subscribers will share some common interests. Figure out what they are and send highly targeted follow-up emails. How’s that for relevance?

2) Nurture new friends

Chances are you captured a lot of new email addresses during your promotions. Congratulations! Now what are you going to do with them?

Prospects who didn’t convert can still be nurtured with an automated email workflow. Create entertaining and engaging content that adds value to your readers and they’ll be hooked.

3) Blend email and social

Email marketing and social media are best friends. Honest! Encourage new contacts to get connected with you on social. Try adding social buttons to all of your emails and promote your emails on social every time you send.

Seasonal events are a great time to get in touch with your customers. It’s the perfect time to get creative and offer exciting promotions. But don’t forget to keep your marketing momentum going strong with year round email campaigns that keep you in the top of your customers’ inbox.


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The Future of Email

Email can do awesome things and we’re always trying to understand how to do even more. What’s in store for 2017? We tapped into the experts to find out and share it with you.



Email is valuable when you can use it to connect with your audience. When you can provide relevant content at the right time in your customer’s journey, they will give you their attention

1. Let your subscribers know ‘they’re the one’

We need to stop blasting messages. They’re never going to be as effective as a targeted message. Personalizing email content and segmenting your audience has never been easier. If you’re not taking the time to make your reader feel special, you’re missing the mark.

Segmenting could start with timing your sends based on region. You wouldn’t send a summer email to Australians in July (unless it’s for a holiday somewhere warmer). The real magic is when you start using more data to segment better. When was the last time they purchased? How often?

Make your readers feel special and drive better results. Plus it’s cheaper than sending flowers.

2. Let a machine do the heavy lifting

Timing is everything. Sending a quick email within seconds of someone showing interest means you never sleep. Or that you’re working smarter with email automation.

Being responsive to that interest drives better engagement. Plus it shows you really care.

When you understand your customer’s journey, you can figure out what content to create, when to share it and how to keep that prospect engaged.

3. Communicate and convert

After doing the work, segmenting databases, personalizing content and automating messages, you need to tell someone. Loudly. With graphs. And you can with email reports.

Email has a lot of trackable power in the inbox. It can tell you what is getting clicked on, who is reading your emails and who is taking that next step. Being able to take that data and measure it against different automated workflows and audience segments will give us confidence that we’re helping our customers become more successful.


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