Sell Out Your Event: Eventbrite & Vision6

Improve your event marketing, registration, and attendance.

Event Marketing Made Simple

How do you sell as many tickets as possible and then make sure everyone shows up? Eventbrite makes managing events and ticket sales easy. Vision6 allows you to create spectacular email and text message campaigns. Together they make event marketing simple.

Boost Event Attendance, Automatically

Using the Eventbrite and Vision6 integration and Vision6 automation features, you can create an email and text message nurture campaign that will automatically start when someone registers for your event. Plus send segmented emails to keep them engaged with relevant content.

This allows you to stay in touch with attendees at every step of the way to your event and well afterward.

Do it All in One Platform

With the Eventbrite and Vision6 integration, you can automatically sync your lists in real-time. That means no more jumping from platform to platform, manually exporting, updating, and importing data. You get to spend less time on busywork, and more time on making sure your event runs smoothly

Ready to Start Making Event Marketing Simple?