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Switching email providers

Everything you need to know and more

Switching email providers

Everything you need to know and more

Switching email providers

Everything you need to know and more

Finding the right Email Service Provider

Finding the right Email Service Provider (ESP) might seem like a tough job with all the different options out there. So we’ve pulled together all the info you need to make an educated decision and select the ESP that’s right for you, your customers and your company.

When it comes to finding the right ESP there’s a couple of things that aren’t negotiable. If you want to be successful with email marketing your ESP must have the following:

    Spam compliancy
    Deliverability (you need your emails to land in your customer’s inbox)
    Security (email addresses are a precious commodity, must keep customer data secure)
    Online (this one’s pretty self explanatory)
    DIY (must be able to use it yourself)
    Email templates (that look great!)
    Database management (so you don’t have to worry about bounces and unsubscribes)
    Targeted sending (so that you can create personalised emails)
    Tracking (find out what works for your customers)

Now if you want to take your email marketing to the next level and really boost your results, there’s some extra features you’ll need.

    Automation (both basic autoresponders and advanced automation)
    Email testing (make sure your emails look great across all screens, clients and devices)
    Conditional / dynamic content (personalise your email to make it relevant)
    Responsive templates (make sure your emails look great on mobile devices)
    Web forms (capture leads on your website and social media pages)
    A/B testing (test and optimise your emails)
    API - integration options (integrate with other online apps)

Once you’ve figured out exactly what you want your ESP to do it’s time to figure out which one suits your needs best.

Making the switch

Once you’ve found a provider that meets all of your needs it’s time to make the switch. Again, this needn’t be a difficult task if you’re armed with the right information!

1. Gather all your info

The first thing you need to do is download all of the information you need from your existing ESP. A couple of things to make sure you’ve got:

    Download your email lists
    Download your unsubscribes
   Download all your images
   Depending on how you have created your email templates you could
      - save your email webpage complete
      - or grab the html

Don’t forget anything else you might want keep like old reports or billing invoices.

2. Upload into your new ESP

Think about your list structure and if you want to make any improvements before you upload your lists and unsubscribes.

Recreate your templates. If using a drag and drop editor create the basic layout again. You can copy html from your saved templates into specific components which may help.

3. Collect leads with your new ESP

Need to ensure that all of your subscribers and leads are being sent to your new ESP. A couple of things to consider:

    Update website with forms that point to new ESP
    Update embed codes to new web forms
    Update any integrations to point to new ESP

Get cracking with your new ESP

Making a switch to a new ESP will mean a little learning curve. Luckily there’s plenty of places to get help. If you’ve just switched or are thinking about making the switch to Vision6 and need a hand get in touch!

We’ve also got stacks of free training to help you unlock the potential of email marketing and get awesome results with your new Vision6 account.

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