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8 Ways Your Marketing Team can Get Agile

Agile, a concept usually applied to product management is slowly becoming mainstream in the field of marketing. Agile marketers take inspiration from agile development manifesto, which focuses on change.

A concept which is championed by Marketing Technologist Scott Brinker, agile in a nutshell means being responsive to unforeseen change, marketplace trends and the needs of customers. Although marketers strive to create forecasts and follow plans, in reality marketers have been practicing agile for a long time.

Marketing channels, technologies and influencers are changing constantly, therefore we need to constantly adapt and change too. But we can always do better, so today I want to share with you some ideas around how you and your marketing team can work towards being more agile.

How marketers can be agile

  1. Iterate – To iterate as a marketer means to test, evaluate, improve, revise and sprint again. The benefits of sprinting is that the short timeframes allow your team to gather data on market response.
  2. Deliver frequent updates –  The sooner and more frequently you deliver updates the sooner you will be able to receive feedback and change course if your original plan is not working.
  3. Cross discipline collaboration – Even though teams may be cross-functional with  different skills

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