Get Your Emails Opened: A/B Email Testing

Compare two different subject lines to see which one resonates better with your readers and gets more opens.

Exceed Your ROI

When you increase the number of people who open your emails, you increase the number of people seeing, and clicking your content. Viola!  More leads, more sales, and more ROI.

The Vision6 A/B testing tool allows you to compare two subject lines and find the most appealing to your readers. Vision6 does all of the work, automatically splitting your audience into two test, and the remainder, audiences, then sending the winning email, once decided. The rest of your contacts will then see the better performing subject line and boost your open rates.

Insights to improve your email marketing

The end goal of any email marketing campaign is conversions, not just click-through. A/B testing your subject lines will give you invaluable insights into what gets them interested but take it a step further and dissect which emails get the most overall action. You can use your Vision6 reporting dashboard to view opens, click-through, and beyond.

Complete Control of your Testing

Vision6 lets you select the size of the test audience and how long the test will run or go with the default settings. Or, if you wish to select the winner, at any point, you can. You’ve got complete control.

Get Your Emails Seen

When you can test the subject line with the best open rates.