Extend Your Reach:
Social Media Marketing

Use social media alongside your email marketing by synchronizing email sends and postings on social platforms.

Grow Your Social Media Audience

Social and email marketing work well together in furthering people along their customer journey with you. Want to use Facebook and Vision6 to remarket? There’s an integration for that.

The social media marketing features within Vision6 allow you to easily extend your reach and grow your social media audience. Let your customers share the love by adding social sharing icons to your emails. Or schedule social media alongside your email marketing to get your newsletter in front of more people through social media.

Let Your Customers Spread Your Word

Adding social sharing icons, the Like, Tweet, and Share options, to your emails means recipients can share your content with their social networks. When they do this you are exposed to more potential customers, helping to grow your social media audience and extend your reach.

Get Your Emails In Front
of More People

Vision6 allows you to update your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn posts with details of your latest email at the touch of a button. Synchronize your email with social postings, or schedule when you want your social updates to appear.

Measure Your Social Media Campaigns

Access detailed insight into your social media interactions with comprehensive, real-time reports. Find out how many extra readers your emails have as a direct result of the social sharing links in your email. Plus, see which contacts are your brand advocates and who has the most social influence.

Take Advantage of Social Media Marketing

Get in front of more readers using email and social campaigns together.