Accurate Databases: Spreadsheet View

Successful email targeting requires a clean database but cleaning your data can be tricky.

Cleaning Your Database Can Be Easy!

Make the tedious, time-zapping job of maintaining the integrity of your database so much easier. Edit multiple contacts on the same screen or change details in bulk, without having to download the data.

In spreadsheet view you can:

  • Edit multiple contacts on the same screen
  • Easily copy and paste data across multiple fields
  • Drag and fill fields just like in excel
  • Add contacts to your list by adding a new row

Get the Right Info to the Right People

Sending the wrong information to the wrong people is a waste of time and could even be damaging to your brand. Knowing that your data is clean gives you the confidence to hit send on your targeted emails.

Get Your Data into Shape

And start sending the right information to the right people.