Get to Their Inbox:

Email deliverability affects how many of your emails reach your intended readers, impacting your email ROI.

Keep Your Lists Clean

Email deliverability is decided by the number of emails that reach their target. That’s why it’s important to keep your lists accurate. ReCAPTCHA prevents spambots from entering fake details in your email lists.

Improve Your Email Stats

The ReCAPTCHA and Vision6 integration means you can protect your signup forms from bots, often with the intent of entering bogus details into your list. This in turn lowers your bounce rate and protects your email deliverability.

Once set up, it’s as easy as ticking a box when creating your form.

Ensure You're Getting Quality Leads

Don’t spend your time regularly cleaning lists from fake information entered by bots. This integration keeps your lists clean by making sure only humans can enter details. 

Keep Your Lists Clean

And maintain your good email deliverability with ReCAPTCHA and Vision6.