Send it Right:
Email Automation

Automated emails take the stress out of getting the right information to your customers at the right time.

Get More From Your Marketing With Email Marketing Automation

Marketing automation allows you to set and forget a combination of email and text messages based on your customer’s behavior.  Once set, you’ll love having more time to do other important things like planning your next holiday.  It’s OK, we won’t tell your boss either. 

Welcome new subscribers, convert leads into paying customers, remind attendees of your event, recover abandoned carts, send anniversary emails, and even update contact data en mass.  To help you get started there’s already a bunch of emails ready-made for your automation journey.

Audi Centre Sydney

“Within a few hours, we were able to create an automation system from scratch. Vision6 instantly understood our needs and provided knowledge and ideas in a very polite and timely manner. With Vision6's help, we are now able to work more efficiently and our follow-up workflow is easier than ever.”

Marc Finkmann | Marketing Audi Centre Sydney

Put Customers on a Journey

Steer your customers in the direction you want by using the right content at the right time. Send targeted emails at the best time for your customers – even if it’s not for you. Remind them of special offers, abandoned carts, or important events in their customer journey.

Convert Leads into Paying Customers

Build your database by capturing new leads through signup forms and turn prospects into paying customers through lead nurturing workflows. It’s easy to tailor content using email automation, so your message is relevant and personal every time.

Save Time With Automated Event Management

Save time by automating attendee communication and integrating with event management systems such as Eventbrite. Send a series of emails or text messages, including invitations, reminders, and confirmations. Don’t stop what you’re doing to send an event confirmation again.

Engage with Your Customers From the Beginning

Create a workflow that welcomes new customers and continue that with a series of nurturing messages to provide your customers with helpful information. Then keep them engaged through the customer journey with highly targeted and engaging automation emails.

Ready to Blow Your Email Marketing out of the Water

With email marketing automation?