Boost Your Pipeline: Salesforce & Vision6

Manage your leads, automate workflows, and create the most effective and personalized email campaigns.

Grow Your Salesforce Leads with Vision6 Forms

Once you have Salesforce and Vision6 integrated, the Vision6 signup forms on your website will transfer the data to your Salesforce database automatically. This lets you keep your lists current without having to log into different systems. Check out Vision6 on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Salesforce is an extremely powerful customer relationship management program. Vision6 allows you to create spectacular email and text message campaigns. Together they give you the power to effectively market to your customers from a product you’re already familiar with, better manage your sales funnel, and easily manage the subscriptions without having to log into separate systems.

Send Your Contacts Beautiful Emails

Create beautiful emails to send to your Salesforce contact list using the pre-built templates, drag-and-drop editor, or by coding it yourself. The drag-and-drop editor or pre-built templates create the perfect responsive email, so you can put your best foot forward, no matter where the email is being read.

Supercharge Your Campaigns

Boost the effectiveness of your campaigns by using text messages with email. Imagine pairing the fast response rates and attention-getting quality of text messages with your detailed and informative emails. Reach your Salesforce lists sooner with detailed campaigns and drive faster results.

Full Visibility of Customer Engagement

Get a complete view of your contact’s engagement with real-time, visual, and detailed reports from Vision6. The bi-directional sync between Salesforce and Vision6 allows you to see how your Salesforce contacts are interacting with your email and text message campaigns.

Send Your Salesforce Contacts Targeted Emails

Use the power of your full Salesforce database to target your lists with advanced segmentation. Find contacts who match specific criteria across list fields, save searches, and create segments. Then watch your engagement and ROI grow, as targeted emails generally see a higher click-through rate.

Less Risk - Without Compromising Capability

Using our automated integration means you don’t need to worry about manually downloading, handling, and moving sensitive customer information to update your lists. Lower your business’s risk, without lowering its competitiveness. Perfect for today’s digital marketer, with data security at the forefront of the industry.

Ready to Reach Contacts More Efficiently?

Integrate Salesforce with your Vision6 account today!