Crack the Inbox Clutter: Email Personalization

Grab your subscriber’s attention with personalized content.

Increase Engagement with Personalized Emails

Subscribers, heck people, respond better to you and your message when they think you are paying them special attention and speaking to them. Get their attention and respect by personalizing your emails.

Personalizing your emails is a breeze with the Vision6 wildcard and Conditional Content features. Wildcards work just like a mail merge and let you customize your emails with information in your database. Use their name in the subject line to get their attention, right from the start. Then tailor the information they see all through the email.

Greet Readers by their Name

Email message personalization in its purest form is to greet your reader by their name. Speak to humans, not the inbox. It makes your readers feel special and like you’re talking directly to them, and it’s easy to do with Vision6 wildcards.

Provide Relevant Information

You’re not just restricted to names, use wildcards to tailor the information that your readers receive in their email. For example, show them the details of their closest store or related items to their last purchase.

Customize More than Copy

For a truly personalized experience, Vision6 allows you to customize images and links, as well as text. Provide a photo of the subscriber’s personal sales rep. Link to unique documents for each subscriber, like invoices or contracts.

We've Got Your Back with Fallback

Don’t miss the mark with the easy to use fallback option. If the field you are using as a wildcard is empty, Vision6 will replace the blank space with your chosen fallback text.

Give Them What They Want

When you know your subscribers you can deliver the right content to the right people. Vision6 advanced segmentation allows you to quickly and easily segment your data to gain a better understanding and then create more personalized emails.

Start talking to your subscribers

And improve campaign performance with email message personalization.