Share the Work:
Access Permissions

Collaborate and conquer like a pro with unlimited users and access levels.

Control What They See

Regulate the access each individual user has and assign specific roles depending on what they need. You can also track and monitor individual users within the system. Change access permissions whenever you want.

You asked for it, so we created it! All Vision6 plans have an unlimited amount of seats or users. This means you can invite collaborators to your account and save time by sharing the work. You can also change access permissions and restrict what they can see and change with predetermined access levels.

Protect Your Data

Unlimited users mean that everyone can have their own login and password. You can easily remove users when staff leaves. No need to change group account passwords which will save you heaps of time and keep everything secure!

Transparent Teamwork

Transparency is the key to collaboration and with individual logins, you can see each user’s account activity. Uploading or downloading a contact or whole database, creating an email, or sending a campaign, we track everything so you don’t have to.

Assign Relevant Permissions

Only give each user the access that they need with predetermined access levels. As account admins, you can easily change these settings when you need to.

Protect Your Data & Save Time

Invite unlimited users to share the load and assign specific access to each role.