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Why a Remarketing Strategy will Help you Reach your Sales Targets

Remarketing has been around for a while, actually quite a while. I don’t know about you, but I’ve heard a lot about it but, until recently, haven’t had the chance to try it out. My excuse is that there’s just so much to get done. (And I’m standing by it!) But my message to you today is, learn from my mistakes and include remarketing in your mix now! Here are five reasons why. (I’ll keep it brief, since I know we’re both busy.)

#1. They’ve already heard of you

We all know that history shows it’s easier to sell to a customer than someone new. Remarketing allows you to target those people who are already aware of your brand. But…

#2. People forget

We all know that marketing adage that a customer needs to hear your message at least seven times before they remember you. And we all know that it’s pretty much true.

Remarketing means you can intentionally increase the number of times they hear from you and help them to remember your message.

#3. Reach people where they are

Potential customers aren’t just on email. They aren’t just scrolling through Facebook or Instagram. Potential customers aren’t just chatting in Messenger. They aren’t just browsing websites, and they aren’t just watching YouTube. They’re doing all of these things. All of the time. Remarketing puts you there.

#4. You can target the bananas out of it

Remarketing tools allow you to target on behaviours and actions as well as demographics and geography. 

Target people differently as they move through your sales funnel, or adjust your budget to spend more on warmer leads to get the best results.

Plus, exclude converters! We’ve all had that ad follow us around the internet after we’ve made a purchase. How frustrating is it? Not to mention a waste of money for the company.

#5. It’s super easy

The best news of all? It’s super easy to set up. Find out about remarketing with Vision6 here, or check out the Vision6 integrations with Google AdWords and Facebook that allow you to get going quickly.

Ready to include remarketing? Head over to our article on how to set up a successful remarketing campaign, or Sign up for a free trial with Vision6 and get started.

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