SMS Marketing

Build a Better Campaign with Email and SMS

Remember when sliced bread was the thang? Then someone thought to put cheese on it and grill it, making something great even better. Well, that’s like email marketing and SMS marketing. 

Email marketing has been around for a while and has served us well but if you add SMS to the mix you can make it even better. (No grilling required!)

SMS, or text, marketing is much more attention-grabbing than other channels. Plus, since most people always have their phones with them the response rate is much faster.

Emails, on the other hand, are great for sharing more detailed information. The ability to add images and formatting can make them visually stunning.

So, when you put the two together you can make your campaigns detailed and informative and drive faster results.

Using SMS and Email together

Here are some of the areas you could use SMS and email together to boost engagement.

Cut through the email clutter at peak sales times (EOFY, Christmas, Black Friday).  Complement your detail and information-rich email with a short, sharp text.

Send a text to build interest in your latest email newsletter by sending a teaser, like this one.

Show people you really care by doubling your warm and fuzzies. For example, send an email birthday voucher at the beginning of their birth month. Then follow this up with a reminder and a special message on their actual birthday.

Send last-minute reminders to people who have registered to your webinar or event from your email campaign.

Take your email campaign to the next level by adding SMS to boost engagement. 

Create your first SMS marketing campaign with a free Vision6 account or login and add SMS to your next email campaign.

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