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From Crickets to Crowds

It’s email marketing for the win… again. And why not when email still drives better conversions than any other marketing channel including search and social? There’s no denying that email is the ruler of the marketing kingdom. But when it comes to harnessing the true potential of email marketing, it comes down to the power of your guest list. If you can hear the crickets chirping in your subscriber list, here are few tips on how to grow your email list and maintain a healthy database without the hassle.  

1. Subscription Forms Are King

We know from experience that there’s a whole lotta different ways to grow your email list. But since we’re a pretty straightforward bunch, our favorite method is to simply ask for it. Plus this method works really well. Companies that include a subscribe form on their website capture 193% more readers than those that don’t. So pick your poison between static, pop-up, notification bars, and slide forms, then watch the readers pour in.

Start Using Your Website to Grow Your Email List

2. Manage Expectations From The Start

When someone shares their email address, they’ve probably got some high expectations. And there’s no better way to go than setting clear and honest rules of engagement. After all, being invited into someone’s inbox is a pretty special thing. So once you’ve got them, don’t blow it. Try including a short description that covers what they will see and when they can expect it. And then watch your opt-in rate increase by up to 84%! Talk about effective.

3. Win Them Over With An Incentive

Ok, so who doesn’t like free stuff? Incentives, special offers, and freebies are everywhere you turn. And that’s because they work. The right offer can easily convert passive visitors into loyal fans. Once you can figure out what your audience values most, create an irresistible offer and pop it in a simple form. Then watch fans become subscribers as the email addresses pile up. Eureka!

4. Use Your Social Dexterity

Looking for leads in unexpected places is the way to leapfrog over the competition. Sure you can try under the bus stop, in the coffee shop or at the park. Or what about your taxi driver who’s a captive audience until you arrive at your destination? Shameless self-promotion is a requirement in marketing, so don’t forget to promote your offers on social. And while you’re there, add a sign-up button to your Facebook business page to build your community faster.

Grow Your Email List Any Way You Can - Even Sharing It With Your Driver

5. Multiply Readers With Shareability

Creating remarkable content that entertains while it educates is the holy grail of email marketing. When your readers love what you have to say, they’ll be delighted to share it with friends and colleagues. So don’t forget to be candid and ask them for a helping hand like share with your networks or email to a friend. These tiny asks can increase your sharing factor up to 13 times.

Grow Your Email List With Next Level Database Management

Having a big guest list is the stuff dreams are made of – but it really shouldn’t be. Contrary to popular belief more is not always better. Especially when it comes to email subscriber lists. Your goal should focus on growing a list of the right people rather than any warm bodies. When subscribers become inactive, they can mess with your email metrics and even deliverability.

Just like at your favorite nightclub, guest list management is more of an art than a sheer numbers game. Think about your email database like the VIP room and you’ll be on the right track. Sure having a line up out the door makes the venue look popular, but if you don’t fill it with the right people, the vibe will be off and it won’t be a hot spot for very long.

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