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The Ultimate Guide to Email In Australia – Infographic

Geographic boundaries are a thing of the past. As marketers extend their reach, they need to think about how to go beyond their domestic market. And going global isn’t new or a fad. According to a study by Lionbridge 64.1% of respondents say they handle global campaigns at their corporate headquarters.  

Emails cross borders, it’s vital to understand the nuances of each country, including the local laws, cultures and technology. 

When it comes to email marketing Down Under, we’ve got you covered. We partnered with our friends at Litmus and analyzed over two years of Vision6 email marketing metrics to share what’s hot in the land of Oz!

Behold, your Ultimate Guide to Email In Australia.

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The Ultimate Guide to Email in Australia.

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Zoe Beath

Zoe Beath

Zoe is the Head of Marketing at Vision6 North America. She is an experienced tech marketer on a mission to help customers succeed. You can find her shopping for vintage hats, reading a book or drinking a glass of chardonnay. Find her on twitter here @SaucyPostcard.

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