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Top 5 tips for your holiday email campaigns

It’s now mid November and do you know what that means? Christmas emails have started to trickle into our inboxes.

And for good reason too, because the holiday season is the perfect time to email your customers with sales, offers or even well wishes.

In fact Myer jumped the gun and sent out their first Christmas email in mid-September (maybe too soon, Myer).

I wanted to offer my top 5 tips for Christmas emails so that you can get cracking with your holiday promotions.

1. Send your subscribers some Christmas cheer

Christmas is a great time to touch base with your subscribers and thank them for their support over the year. We have just released a series of holiday email templates which are a great place to start!

2. Create an email marketing calendar

During the holiday season businesses often ramp up their email activity to take advantage of this peak shopping period. Create a calendar to keep track of when and what you’ll be emailing your customers. Keep it handy to remove any last minute panics.

3. Provide cut off dates for delivery

>Now this one applies as we get closer to the big day. Your customers want to know when the last date is that they can order online and still receive your goods in time, so start including this information in your emails during December.

4. Get ready for the boxing day sales – schedule your sends

The last thing you want to be thinking about over Christmas is sending out emails! So plan ahead of time and schedule your emails to be sent automatically on the appropriate dates.

5. Offer a gift with purchase to convince customers to buy

Everyone loves something for nothing! Why not get into the festive spirit and reward customers who buy from you during the Christmas period with a gift or free shipping?

There you have it, 5 ideas to make your Christmas email better so time to get cracking.

Kelly Newbery

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Kelly Newbery
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