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With data security at the forefront of the industry, we are 100% committed to helping you navigate the ever-evolving landscape of email marketing compliance. We’re trusted by thousands of marketing professionals and agencies – and we’ve got your back.

Complying with Email Marketing Laws

The laws around the commercial use of email marketing change from country to country, and over time. Each set of laws tends to have different requirements for email marketers but email marketing is what we do, so we’re devoted to keeping up.

Some Common Email Marketing Laws

These laws protect consumers from spam, or unsolicited emails, and can carry significant fines if they are broken. Complying with these laws isn’t as difficult as it sounds and we’ve taken steps to ensure you have the tools you need. However, as with all matters relating to your business, it’s important to seek your own legal advice.

Ensuring You’re Spam Compliant

We consider GDPR compliance the gold standard for Spam conformity. If your business uses any form of e-marketing, including email, SMS (text message), MMS (image-based text messages) or instant messaging, understanding and meeting the following requirements is a great start for compliance. As always, check your local laws, or the laws of the area you will be emailing.

  • Obtain informed consent

This consent must be informed, freely given, and specific in its intent. You must clearly explain what type of personal data you will process, who will process it, and when. 

Vision6 makes this easy with a tickbox to enable GDPR-compliant components and a field for you to enter your details.

  • Identify yourself

You must always identify who the email is from. To do this, you must include your contact information (including your business address) inside every promotional email that you send. This can be either a mailing address or PO Box where you can receive mail, but it can’t be a website or email address. Any email created in Vision6 will automatically contain your company name and address by default.

  • Unsubscribe option

It is imperative that your email must contain a functional ‘unsubscribe’ facility to allow the recipient to opt-out from receiving messages from that source in the future. Vision6 includes an automated unsubscribe facility by default in all of your email messages.

  • Be able to prove consent

You must be able to prove that express consent was given, including what has been consented to. Vision6 keeps contact details all together so you can find the contact details and what they consented to.

  • Be able to provide access, portability or erasure

Allow subscribers access to their data, move their data to another company, or be completely forgotten from your system. Vision6 allows you to easily share details, with subscribers or others and has the functionality to delete subscribers.

How Vision6 Helps with Compliance

We’re dedicated to providing you with the tools you need to make email compliance painless, wherever you are emailing from or to.

  • Gaining permissionVision6 provides various tools to help you collect expressed permission.
    • Forms to help you capture and record expressed consent from your subscribers.
    • Including a form component tickbox to enable GDPR-compliant components.
    • Autoresponders for double opt-in processes considered a best practice for gaining permission.
  • Identifying yourself

Any email created in Vision6 will automatically contain your company name and address by default. So there’s no need for you to include additional identification details – unless you want to of course.

  • Detailed and easily accessible records

Vision6 keeps contact details together. You can easily find the contact details and what they consented to, as well as download and share the records. It’s also easy to delete subscribers from your lists if required.

  • Unsubscribe options

Vision6 includes an automated unsubscribe facility by default in all of your email messages. Subscribers can remove themselves with one click, or you can remove previous unsubscribes on upload.

More about compliance

Compliance is an ever-evolving landscape. If you want to delve deeper into a particular law, see our blogs and other materials.

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