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3 Ways to Go Long After the Super Bowl

Marketing is in a frenzy leading up to the Super Bowl. So how can you keep the momentum going?

Holidays and events are huge cash cows. Together the Super Bowl, Valentine’s Day and Black Friday generate billions of dollars in revenue. Smart marketers plan creative email marketing campaigns that delight their customers.

But what do you do when the hype is over? How do you fan the flames and keep interest high long after the special has gone by? Here are three tips to help you stay strong all year long.

LinkedIn Superbowl

1) Learn from your data 

Super Bowl email campaigns give you lots of useful data. Make sure you use it! Analyze how they performed and look for some trends.

What content did they like the most? Which emails had better open rates and when? What links did they click? Did email subscribers interact with you via other channels such as social media?

More often than not, your Super Bowl subscribers will share some common interests. Figure out what they are and send highly targeted follow-up emails. How’s that for relevance?

2) Nurture new friends

Chances are you captured a lot of new email addresses during your promotions. Congratulations! Now what are you going to do with them?

Prospects who didn’t convert can still be nurtured with an automated email workflow. Create entertaining and engaging content that adds value to your readers and they’ll be hooked.

3) Blend email and social

Email marketing and social media are best friends. Honest! Encourage new contacts to get connected with you on social. Try adding social buttons to all of your emails and promote your emails on social every time you send.

Seasonal events are a great time to get in touch with your customers. It’s the perfect time to get creative and offer exciting promotions. But don’t forget to keep your marketing momentum going strong with year round email campaigns that keep you in the top of your customers’ inbox.

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