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Predictions for the Future of Email

Email can do awesome things and we’re always trying to understand how to do even more. What’s in store for 2017? We tapped into the experts to find out and share it with you.

Email is valuable when you can use it to connect with your audience. When you can provide relevant content at the right time in your customer’s journey, they will give you their attention.

1. Let your subscribers know ‘they’re the one’

We need to stop blasting messages. They’re never going to be as effective as a targeted message. Personalizing email content and segmenting your audience has never been easier. If you’re not taking the time to make your reader feel special, you’re missing the mark.

Segmenting could start with timing your sends based on region. You wouldn’t send a summer email to Australians in July (unless it’s for a holiday somewhere warmer). The real magic is when you start using more data to segment better. When was the last time they purchased? How often?

Make your readers feel special and drive better results. Plus it’s cheaper than sending flowers.

Future of email: Let a machine do the heavy lifting

2. Let a machine do the heavy lifting

Timing is everything. Sending a quick email within seconds of someone showing interest means you never sleep. Or that you’re working smarter with email automation.

Being responsive to that interest drives better engagement. Plus it shows you really care.

When you understand your customer’s journey, you can figure out what content to create, when to share it and how to keep that prospect engaged.

3. Communicate and convert

After doing the work, segmenting databases, personalizing content and automating messages, you need to tell someone. Loudly. With graphs. And you can with email reports.

Email has a lot of trackable power in the inbox. It can tell you what is getting clicked on, who is reading your emails and who is taking that next step. Being able to take that data and measure it against different automated workflows and audience segments will give us confidence that we’re helping our customers become more successful.

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